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The Good Man:
The Civil War's "Christian General" and His Fight for Racial Equality
Gordon L. Weil

America Answers a Sneak Attack: Alcan and Al Qaeda This is a biography of Gen. Oliver Otis Howard, the man responsible for carrying out post-Civil War Reconstruction under the direction of Congress, dominated by the Radical Republicans. His assignment brought him into direct conflict with President Andrew Johnson. Before this job, he had undergone a religious conversion and served as General W.T. Sherman’s chief deputy in the march from Georgia to the sea and then north to Virginia. The contrast between his beliefs and his role was striking. Well ahead of his times, he was a strong advocate of equal rights for African Americans and others. While previous biographies have focused on the Freedmen’s Bureau, which he headed, this book’s focus is the man himself.

ISBN: 978-1-935496-06-9

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